Unger’s Daytripper Article

Published in The Daytripper, Sept. 2014 Issue

As consumers we are very passionate about local markets and supporting community agriculture, but something that is often overlooked is the ever changing face of our community and the challenges that businesses face year to year. That is why it’s pretty amazing to see families out there taking up the reins each day facing these challenges side by side, generation to generation.

Resembling an old farm building behind one of Hyde Parks historical homes, Ungers Market owns up to its authentic presence. Near the busy intersection of Hyde Park and Gainsborough Road in London, Ontario, you pull into the parking-lot and step back in time to enjoy farm fresh produce, authentic home cooking, and unique gifts and home-decor.

It’s hard to know where to look first when you walk into Ungers Market, but to begin you should look into their past. Starting out 30 years ago as a humble, family run farm stand the objective was simple; Bring fresh foods and produce to the community while also supporting the community. Over time it grew, and as family recipes were cooked and shared the business developed and expanded. More staff came on board to work with the family and in a way they became family – with many of them still working in the store to this day.

The Ungers Family

To this day, the Unger family continues to pull together in the operation of the store. Many of the Unger children have grown up and worked in the market, and each child has even had to take a turn peeling the fresh local apples that are baked into their pies and loaves. From washing floors and dusting the shelves to stocking product and making deliveries, the Unger family remains invested in every detail of their market.

For those looking for a time of leisure and shopping with their friends, they are not disappointed. Ungers Market has a unique collection of inspirational gifts, home decor and ladies fashions. Spend time shopping while sipping on fresh brewed coffee or tea, and then stay for lunch in their tea room. All of their lunches are all prepared right on site in their own kitchens, using all the meats and produce they sell in our market. At the end of your day, take home a “heat and serve” casserole for the family, and maybe some fresh baked bread and a dessert from the bakery.

Those who live in the community often enjoy stopping in on the way home from work to pick up an Unger family recipe casserole and a fresh baked fruit pie. The grocery section allows them to get the staples without having to enter a mega-grocery store. As a local market they have grown to suit the needs of the growing community but have never lost hold of the values that they started out with; Fresh, authentic food and the support of local agriculture and vendors.