Shannon's Traditional Irish Sausage

Shannon’s Sausage, sold exclusively at Unger’s since 1995, was created by Nigel Moore, our meat manager. He emigrated from Ireland to Canada in 1989, and began working for Unger’s in April of that same year. Nigel was given a small cutting board and a very sharp knife, and was asked if he could create a meat department!

We have customers coming from Detroit, Toronto, and even as far as Vancouver! Londoners love that it is made by an Irishman who has been making sausages since he was 16! Shannon’s traditional Irish sausage is prepared fresh in store using spices imported from Ireland, lean local meats, and a recipe that is Nigels own.

His selection is as follows: pure pork, pure beef, pork and apple, sweet chili pork, pork with garlic, Italian pork (I know, I know, how is that Irish? Doesn’t matter, it’s delicious), lean turkey, and GF pork, and GF turkey.

Call ahead to make a custom order or to have some set aside. They are sold in links, patties, and bulk.